1- File a complaint to DAFM

Within 30 days from the episode, client can submit a complaint to Dutch Authority
Financial Market. However , client must try to resolve his complaint without mediation of the Authority.

2- Examination phase

DAFM will investigate the grounds of the complaint and verify its validity within 7 business days. We will contact both parts after that time to obtain all necessary information and see if there is a chance to settle the complaint during investigation phase. If no settlement opportunity during the Investigation phase, complaint will go to the Resolution Phase.

3- Resolution Phase

Based on the documents and information that was collected during Resolution Phase DAFM will make a decision on the complaint. If additional information is needed, we will request such information from.

4- Arrangement Phase

If complainant agrees with DAFM’s decision, he’ll need to accept it within 14 business days. If the client does not respond to the decision within 14 days the complaint is considered closed. Member must reach an agreement within 30 days of when the decision was reached.