How do we protect consumers?

From bank accounts to loans, savings, insurance, investments and pensions, virtually every adult is a consumer of financial services. One of our statutory objectives is to secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers dealing with firms carrying on regulated financial services activity.

How will you know if a firm is regulated by us?

Regulated firms can be found here. If a firm is only “Registered” with us for Anti-Money Laundering purposes, this does not mean they are a regulated firm. In the main we regulate the providers of financial products and services, but (with the exception of some collective investment schemes (“funds”) and retirement benefit schemes) we do not regulate products. If you think someone is seeking to offer you financial products or services without a suitable licence, or outside the terms of their licence, please contact us at: contact@dafm.nl

Submit a complaint

If you are unhappy with a financial product or service provided by an entity which is regulated by the Authority you can complain to the relevant entity. It is important to note that the Authority’s role is not to investigate individual complaints but to supervise the regulated sector. However, all of the entities that we regulate will have procedures in place to address complaints. In 2019, DAFM processed a total of 4250 submissions relating to credit and financial services institutions 3980 of them were complaints and 270 general enquiries.